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Sandra PerkovicIn May, 81 national records had been broken:

  • Thirteen during the World Race Walking Cup in Taicang thereof four in the 10 kilometres event (Colombia, Czech Republic, India and Perù) and eight in the 20 kilometres event (Colombia, India, Italy, Mexico, Perù, Poland, Ukraine and United States);
  • Seven in the Hammer Throw event (Algeria, Armenia, Belgium, Canada, Sri Lanka, Senegal and Switzerland);
  • Six in the 100 metres event (Botswana, Chile, Ecuador, Ireland, Qatar and Venezuela);
  • Six in the 3000 steeplechase event (Bermuda, Canada, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Switzerland and Tajikistan);
  • Five in the 100 hurdles event (Barbados, Botswana, Costa Rica, Panama and Venezuela);
  • Five in the 400 hurdles event (Bahrain, Democratic Congo, Haiti, Papua New Guinea and Paraguay);
  • Five in the High Jump event (Anguilla, Cyprus, Dominica, Guinea Equatorial and Poland);
  • Four new national records of the Iran during the Early Season Championships for Women (obviously in Tehran): 100 metres, 400 hurdles, Heptathlon and 1 kilometres Walk;
  • Four in the 3000 metres event (Chad, Dominican Republic, Kenya and Puerto Rico);
  • Four in the Discus Throw event (Belize, Croatia, Jamaica and United Arab Emirates);
  • Three in the Pole Vault event (Kazakhstan, Puerto Rico and Spain);
  • Three in the 4×100 relay (Luxembourg, South Korea and Trinidad & Tobago);
  • Two in 1500 metres event (Albania and Senegal);
  • Two in 5000 metres event (Chad and Sweden);
  • Two in 10000 metres event (Colombia and Perù);
  • Two in Long Jump event (Barbados and Serbia);
  • Two in Triple Jump event (Ethiopia and Laos);
  • Two in Javelin Throw event (Canada and Malaysia);
  • Other NRs: 200 metres for Netherlands, 800 metres for Dominican Republic, Half Marathon for American Samoa and Heptathlon for Cameroon.
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